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As darkness continues its rapid spread across the earth, the greatest antidote is the preaching of the Gospel. Political & Social activism is good but the cure to the evil in our generation is preaching Christ.

‘And how shall they preach unless they are sent…?’ – Rom 10:15

The missions movement urgently needs more radical committed SENDERS. In obedience to Christ, missionaries go where the needs are greatest. Missionaries are committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission, at whatever risk or cost to their lives. For such sacrificial servants of Christ, it is essential that we raise an army of committed SENDERS who are willing to stand and kneel behind them, so as to ensure the victory on the spiritual battlefield.

Several missionaries are struggling because they lack SENDERS.

SENDERS are committed believers who deliberately pray & finance the work of missions as their commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission.

SENDERS are not supporters but co-laborers in obedience to Christ’s Command to GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS.

Can you, your church or your community of friends serve as SENDERS to a particular mission field, missionary or mission project? The task of global evangelization is possible when we do it together as a networking assembly under one Body of Christ.

We are ready to send you more information on this issue, once you indicate your interest to serve as a SENDER.


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