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Having planted two more churches within the last two years, there are yet open doors to enter more communities.

Recently, our team went for medical outreaches in a particular Achipawa community. As they were doing their one-to-one evangelism, they heard some of them saying they had confessed Christ some years before, but they could not continue because a village where a mission group (not ours) directed them for worship service was far, and they were not being followed up. “We hope that this time around you will not do the same thing to us,” they said. They are mainly Achipawa people, and are Muslims.

Our team sees this as an open door. The challenge they have is lack of labourers. They need someone that will be stationed there, while there are other Achipawa people in other communities that are waiting to hear the Gospel message. Presently, they have with them a fruit of the work they are equipping and preparing to reach his people. Pray that God will give them more labourers that will join in this effort in entering into more communities in the land.

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