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It was the first source of clean water in this Gonja village in northern Ghana. Before then, the water was like a chocolate drink!  Thank God for CAPRO Ghana that God used to sink the borehole.

To the glory of God, we had successful commissioning of the borehole. And as the men, women and children gathered, it was an opportunity to present the Gospel in their own language.

The field leader shared about the Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus (John 4), and emphasized that Jesus gives the living water that a man may drink and not thirst again. Some responded that they need that water. Hallelujah!

What was touching during the event was: after the commissioning, the women broke into spontaneous praise unto God in their own language. And the amazing thing is that these women were just hearing the message of the Gospel. These are songs they just composed in praise of Jesus. Hallelujah!

Pray that the people will continue to thirst for the Living Water and that they will give their lives to Christ to become worthy vessels in God’s kingdom, in Jesus’ Name!

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