Medical Outreach

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Recently, doctors from Chicago, USA, had a medical outreach in partnership with CAPRO Burkina Faso. Out of 1,864 patients that consulted in four days, 147 gave their lives to the Lord Jesus. Testifying, one of the Medics said: “I never imagined that a team of fellow Americans and myself would have multiple opportunities over the past year to pray with village chiefs, mayors, senators and several government leaders. God has opened the door for us to share the love of Jesus with them. God has a purpose for ALL of us”.

Meanwhile, six Burkinabes who finished the first phase of their mission training are doing their probation in Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire.


Different Mini-Ecomin, that is, School of Ministries were held in three strategic cities – Bouake, Duekoue and San Pedro with good attendance and response from the participants. The purpose was to enhance the life of the CAPRO Sending Teams (CASTs) and recruit new partners.

The IIFM (School of Missions) received some equipment from the Human Resource Development at the International Office, Lagos, Nigeria, to enhance the teaching and learning.

To strengthen the church planting thrust in the country, Beugré Jean, the Koulango field leader, recently participated in the Strategy Coordinators Training in Nairobi, Kenya.

Discipleship Training

The first set of Discipleship & Mission Exposure Programme, (DIMEP) started at N’zerekore office with 24 students from several denominations, even as Pascal, the CAPRO National Coordinator was chosen to represent the National Evangelical Association of Missions & Churches in Guinea, AEMEG in a consultation on the Unreached People Groups, UPGs in Rwanda.

Rose Convention

Malinke Field held its ’Rose Convention’ for young girls. In attendance were seventy young girls from six villages. As Bambah, the Country National Coordinator attended a capacity building training in Rwanda for Christian schools, two fields – Malinke and Senoufo – received two new motor-bikes from donors in Cote d’ Ivoire.

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