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“For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left, and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles,” Isaiah 54:3.

Christ’s Mandate

In the mandate in Matthew 28:18-20 that Christ gave to His Apostles, He declared that all authority belongs to Him. He commissioned them to go in this authority and make disciples out of all the nations (ethnic groups). The preposition “of” ‘all nations’ is significant. Though God wills that all men be saved (2 Tim 2:3), and Jesus died for the whole world, yet not all will believe because of freedom of choice given to man. It is only those who believe that shall be saved. These are the ones that shall be discipled beginning with their baptism in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, followed by teaching them to obey all the teachings of Christ. This is transformational discipleship! A disciple is recognized by his absolute obedience to the Master, Jesus Christ.

The first Apostles of Christ began to meet together in groups. They were called the church (Ecclesia) meaning, “called out ones,” implying that they are called out from the world and set apart for Jesus Christ. These believers form one body under Christ, the Head. The body works together to keep itself (self-preservation) and multiplies itself (self-propagation) in the world. Their discipleship strategy was formation of churches in homes, towns and cities, (Acts 15:41).

The generational best approach in discipling the nations, is through planting churches. The church is the center for discipleship and equipping for ministry (Eph 4:11-13). These churches could be underground or open and visible – in homes, villages, towns, cities or mega-cities. These same churches may meet in a fixed or mobile location, on-line or in-person as the situation warrants.

Called to Plant Indigenous Churches

CAPRO is a Church Planting Missions Agency. However, we seekto plant indigenous, autonomous, self-propagating churches among peoples that are unreached with the Gospel of Christ. The churches do not belong to CAPRO but to the people. There is no such thing as CAPRO church anywhere in our 47 years of ministry among the unreached peoples. We hand over the church to the indigenes once elders and leaders emerge from those communities of believers in the locality. The church is named after their location. We teach and encourage them to saturate their people and neighbours with churches, yet they remain non-denominational even as they fellowship with other churches in their localities.

God’s mandate to us is to enlarge our reach to the world. CAPRO has been engaging the nations for discipleship for the past 47 years.

By faith we are launching deeper world wide together with our partners. Our focus is to engage 56 people groups globally, and plant 341 new churches among them in four years starting from 2022 to 202. We are reaching out to people groups in their natural habitations as well as in the diaspora. We are not a Rural Mission. Our location changes as unreached peoples change location. “Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather,” (Matt 24:28). In the same vein, wherever the unreached people are, there CAPRO will be also.

Our target remains the unreached peoples. Show me an unreached people group and we will show you CAPRO right at their door step. Wherever the unreached are found we shall be there at their door-step. This is our resolve, this is our commitment, taking the Gospel to all the nations of the world through the power of the holy Spirit partnering with the whole body of Christ. Let’s go together to get this done!

Happy 47th anniversary!

Dondo Iorlamen
Not I, but Christ
International Director, may be reached at charidoo@gmail.com/Facebook/Telegram/

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