OCCUPY: The Anniversary Edition 2022

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-Church Planting

47 years of impact, model and strategy

The core of our call

Africa gives back to Europe

For not less than five years now, our church planting work has been subjected to heavy artillery attack by insurgency and banditry, especially in the Sahel region, cutting across the northern part of Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Mali, forcing some of our churches to close down. The burden was, ‘How do we relaunch our church planting efforts in the face of the new challenges?’ CAPRO exists primarily to plant churches among unreached peoples.

Recently, the Ministry hosted a seven-day Leadership Strategic Conference in Nigeria with the theme, “That your fruits may abide.” Over a hundred participants came from different regions of the world. Thirteen issue papers were presented with one of them being Church Planting. It was as if this was the crux of the matter at the conference and it was understandable.

CAPRO turns 47 in April 2022. And there is the need to give account to the global Church on how far we have gone in this effort of church planting in the face of challenges, the impact of their giving and prayer, and the need to strengthen partnership so that together we will re-launch with divine acceleration.
This is what gave rise to this Anniversary Edition, ‘Church Planting – 47 Years of Impact, Model and Strategy.’ Readers will find the church planting efforts and conversion stories encouraging – they are products of tears and blood of our missionaries and our faithful partners. Blessed reading!

kindly get the softcopy of occupy magazine at the footer of this website.

You can also get the hardcopy in any of CAPRO offices across the globe.

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