The church and Her response to Terror

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In recent times, the church in Africa, especially Nigeria, has gone through so much trouble in the hands of certain children of Ishmael. The church has been pressed beyond measure. How to respond to this is a test on the church. There have been so many discordant tunes from our church leaders. Villages are sacked with many lives taken, leaving widows, widowers and orphans. The outrage is understandable.

As we in Occupy desk prayed and examined this trouble that came upon the church, even in the light of the great Commission. It struck us that it is difficult to agree on any response except we all come to Christ. How does Christ respond to His enemies? Why does He respond to them that way? Why are certain Christians and church leaders not ready and willing to respond that way? Does this have to do with the gospel that is being preached? These among other were searching questions that needed answers.

On the side of the children of Ishmael, has the church thought about why they are behaving this way? Why are they causing so much trouble and pain to Christians? Could it be that there is something Christians are supposed to give to them that they are being denied? That as long as Christians are not giving this to them, the children of Ishmael will not give them peace. In fact, they would give them hell.

In searching for answers, Titilayo Olorunnaiye went to the south to catch up with a mission leader who leads a work in North East Nigeria, while Festus Ndukwe went to Northern Nigeria to speak with mission leaders and those who have had it rough with insurgents. The outcome is this edition: ‘The church and Her response to Terror; a sequel to our previous edition, Mission in Times of Terror’.

The church needs to know that when the enemy attacks her, he is fighting the Great commission. The way we respond to his assault will make or mar the accomplishing of this Commission that Jesus gave the church, which is to take the Gospel to the remaining unreached places of our world.

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