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Evangelistic Outreaches

Recently, a team of six brethren including the missionaries engaged a number of people with the gospel in a weekend outreach at two different recreation parks in Ulverstone and Deloraine.

Apart from one person who was prayed for, among a group of young people that listened to the Gospel in Ulverstone, they had a good conversation with a Japanese lady who was originally an atheist then became a Muslim in her search for God, and married an Australian Muslim. There is the need to pray that the Lord will reveal Jesus to her as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

An acquaintance of the missionary who visits the clinic and struggles with anxiety and addiction, had the gospel explained to him again as they met him and his family at the park. He needs prayer that he will be delivered through the knowledge of the truth as he claims to believe in Jesus. A number of gospel tracts and DVDs were handed out.

In Deloraine, the team had some very interesting encounters. A lady who appeared to be a believer but does not attend any church was glad to hear the gospel preached to her. She left her contact details for further follow up. Her partner is not a believer. Pray that both of them will truly come to know the Lord. The team also had conversations with a number of holiday-makers in the caravan park, shared the gospel with some, and also distributed the Tasmania Mountains Gospel DVDs as a souvenir.

They also spoke to a Gypsy man who gave his name as Zion. He had the gospel clearly explained to him, as he was apparently confused in his spiritual beliefs. Pray that the Holy Spirit will illuminate his heart with the truth. One team had an encounter with a group of Christadelphians, who do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God nor in the Trinity. At the end, each of them accepted a gospel tract. Pray that the Holy Spirit will open their hearts to the truth that they might be set free from delusions.

Also, on another occasion, the team were in a small town called Rosebery for Letter Box distribution and the Lord gave them an opportunity to share the Gospel with two teenage boys who gave their lives to Christ.

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  1. God will cause the fruits to abide and prosper His word in the hearts of all those who have heard.

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