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New Engagements

The enlargement vision is already unfolding in the Southern African and The Island Region, especially with our work in Mozambique.

Presently, fully trained workers have been sent to three hitherto unengaged people groups – the Yao, Meetto and Mwani. Disciples from our work are leading the church planting among the Marrevone people group. An Outreach Post to the Mwani People in diaspora has been built. They need prayer for breakthrough in harvest of souls as our designated team begins to engage them.

As it stands, there are teams of church planters engaging 8 UPGs – Macua Meetto, Macua Nahara, Macua Shirima, Macua Central, Macua Marrevone, Mwani, Makwe and Yao. They need prayers for God to anoint the teams, grant abundant and abiding fruits and provision for the church planting teams. While Ademola Olatunji, the erstwhile field leader takes up the leadership of the region, a disciple and an indigene has been approved as the new National Coordinator.


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