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The UK received CAPRO’s first missionaries over 15 years ago, and from there the Ministry began to launch into various areas of Europe, the Pacific and Asia. The work in France began 12 years ago, and in the coming months CAPRO will be sending pioneer missionaries to Belgium.

Strengthening the work in France

The French population is about 67million, less than 1% of whom are evangelical. Over 51% of the French identify themselves as atheists. As well as having the largest population of atheists in Europe, France also has the largest population of Muslims in Europe! France is a mission field; that’s the present reality. Every French town needs the Gospel!

France is critical because it is a major thoroughfare in Europe and the world. Any revival in France will have a far-reaching effect because of her influence over many nations. The country is a haven to many of the Unreached People Groups that CAPRO is seeking to reach.

The work in France was pioneered by Charles and Deborah Bavelloni. Their focus is church planting among people in the diaspora, including university students, some of who are drawn from the mixed cultures of France, North Africa, the Dominican Republic, and other Caribbean islands.

In 2009, Lucky and Mercy Dionne were sent by Calvary Ministries to pioneer the work in Uganda, Eastern Africa. While there, they succeeded in establishing CAPRO Missions Uganda (Calvary Ministries). In their eleven years of work in the country, they were able to raise candidates for training at the CAPRO School of Missions (SOM) who are all serving as full-time missionaries with CAPRO, driving the work of the Ministry in Uganda, doing mobilization and church planting among the unreached. Now a new assignment beckons.

In the coming months, the Dionnes will be moving into France to strengthen the work there, make disciples that will make other disciples, target the French (with focus on the next generation) and prepare them to engage other nationals with the Gospel, especially the UPGs. The goal in France is to plant local churches among the French and turn the mission field into a mission force. All things being equal, they plan to enter France by the end of 2022. Their first-year budget is in thousands of dollars. They need a thousand praying partners for the work in France, and those that will commit to regularly support the ministry financially.

A New Thrust to Belgium

Nnamdi and Chidinma Aguocha caught a vision for Belgium in the last week of August 2008 while they were transiting from Rwanda to pioneer CAPRO work in Burundi. Since then, the vision has stuck. They believed it was for an appointed time.

While in Burundi for over 12 years, the Aguochas raised disciples in the provinces of Bujumbura, Ngozi, Gitega, Makamba and Mabanda. They opened up two fields and planted two churches among the Batwa people, after which they handed the work to an indigene before they left.

The Aguochas’ plan is to reach out to the Flemish people in Belgium with the Gospel. Their goals are to plant New Testament churches in the country, mobilize local believers to target migrants and raise viable partners within the country for the work of the ministry. They believe the appointed time to launch in has come. But first, they need to do an on-site survey in October 2022 to help develop a more comprehensive strategy for the work. They covet your prayers for the resources needed to enter Belgium.

Lucky & Mercy Dionne

Nnamdi & Chidinma Aguocha

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