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New Engagements The enlargement vision is already unfolding in the Southern African and The Island Region, especially with our work in Mozambique. Presently, fully trained workers have been sent to three hitherto unengaged people groups – the Yao, Meetto and Mwani. Disciples from our work are leading the church planting among the Marrevone people group. […]


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Evangelistic Outreaches Recently, a team of six brethren including the missionaries engaged a number of people with the gospel in a weekend outreach at two different recreation parks in Ulverstone and Deloraine. Apart from one person who was prayed for, among a group of young people that listened to the Gospel in Ulverstone, they had […]

CAPRO Leadership Strategic Summit (CLESS) 2022

CAPRO leadership summit is a forum that seeks to bring CAPRO leaders together to Pray, Brainstorm, Plan and strategically map out a way forward for the Global Enlargement vision of CAPRO. CLESS starts Thursday, 24th February 2022 One Hundred delegates are expected to gather in the city of Lagos, Nigeria for seven days The pool […]

FEBRUARY Reignite is here!

Beloved, We specially invite you to join us for the first Reignite in 2022, which holds on Sunday, 6th February,2022. God’s Word is God’s mandate to His church, seasoned by it she would be edified and be equipped to propagate the Gospel. Don’t miss this first Reignite of the year. Come and be reignited to […]


It was the first source of clean water in this Gonja village in northern Ghana. Before then, the water was like a chocolate drink!  Thank God for CAPRO Ghana that God used to sink the borehole. To the glory of God, we had successful commissioning of the borehole. And as the men, women and children […]

Medical Outreach

Recently, doctors from Chicago, USA, had a medical outreach in partnership with CAPRO Burkina Faso. Out of 1,864 patients that consulted in four days, 147 gave their lives to the Lord Jesus. Testifying, one of the Medics said: “I never imagined that a team of fellow Americans and myself would have multiple opportunities over the […]

Regional Strategy Conference

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The fruit of the work in Mozambique is beginning to manifest. Recently, four Mozambicans with four children arrived at the CAPRO School of Missions, Nairobi for training. Following that, was the equipping of disciples and pastors in Pioneer Business Planting. Fifty disciples started, and forty-two completed the full five days of training. The training is […]


Having planted two more churches within the last two years, there are yet open doors to enter more communities. Recently, our team went for medical outreaches in a particular Achipawa community. As they were doing their one-to-one evangelism, they heard some of them saying they had confessed Christ some years before, but they could not […]