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equipped for missions


• The Business of Business Mission is to reveal Christ through Business. When this is done effectively, the outcome is transformational. This training is therefore designed to stimulate believers who feel call to the market place to do so by turning there business to agent for society transformation. DURATION: 20 Hours intensive Teaching Seminars and practical exposure and discussion. At the end of the Training Calvary Institute will award a certificate of Participation in the Program.


God has given those who are professionals in different fields of endeavor platforms to continue to expand His kingdom. The Professionals Mission Empowerment Program is therefore designed to equip people who have a passion to serve God and may find themselves in a work situation where they have to minister to the unreached and needy people. People who consider their professional engagement and circular work assignment as their mission post and place of service, will benefit very much from this training. DURATION: 2-3 Weeks.


At the end of the training, participants would have been: • Equipped for the personal spiritual growth and edification. • Empowered for biblical Ministry and leadership. • Acquire skill for in depth understanding of God’s word and capacity to influence the world through it. DURATION: 18 months program comprising of 6 contact sessions, one week each running from 5pm-7pm (Mon-Fri) and 9am-2pm on Saturday each week.


This is a mission’s empowerment training design for serving Pastors and Christian Group leaders. the training helps churches carry out their mission mandate. Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) seeks to stand with such churches as a strategy to accelerate the work of world evangelization. DURATION: Four contact sessions of one week (Monday to Friday) spread over 12 Months

School of Evangelism (SOE)

CAPRO School of Evangelism lays foundation for solid foundation of Christian living upon which a believer and the church can obey the command to go and preach the gospel to everyone everywhere all over the world.


CAMPUS IMPACT is a series of discipleship-oriented teachings in seminar and practical discussion form. It comprises of some of the most essential spiritual ingredient meant for nurturing a young growing heart to love and thirst after as a foundation for life and ministry.

Discipleship and Missions Exposure Programme (DIMEP)

DIMEP is designed as a series of informal teaching, seminars and workshops on various basic Christian themes. It is practical but soundly biblical in content. The standard Programme consist of 12 contact sessions with each session being 5 hours in duration; making total contact hours of 60. A certificate of attendance is presented to participants who meet the minimum requirements for course completion.

French School of Missions (FSOM)

This is designed for those in French speaking countries. DURATION: 1Year Cote’ D’Viore.

Hausa School of Missions (HSOM)

This is designed for those in hausa speaking countries. DURATION: 1Year Nigeria.

English Schools of Missions (ESOM)

This is designed for those in English speaking countries. DURATION: 1Year Nigeria, India, USA, Kenya.