REIGNITE: Sustaining the Anointing

“Old Anointing will not suffice to impart unction to thy spirit, thine head must have fresh oil poured upon it from the golden horn of the sanctuary or it will cease from its glory.” Charles Spurgeon October REIGNITE is here and we surely need His oil/ Anointing to run through the remaining months of this […]

reignite: The Night Cometh

This month, we shall have a dear brother, Bro. Tope Adeniyi with us as he speaks on the Topic: The Night Cometh Venue: Agape Chapel,CAPRO Int.Office 10, Turton Street Sabo-Yaba,Lagos NigeriaTime: 6:00pmDate: Sun. June 5th, 2022. Remember, the meeting is both physical and virtual Join Zoom Meeting just click on the link to join the […]

April Reignite Is Our Anniversary Edition

25 April 2022 is special for us in the CAPRO family, because CAPRO turns 47! April Reignite is our Anniversary edition and we specially invite you to be a part of it.In a world filled with doubts,fears,confusions,wars,rebellion,banditry,insecurities,sickness and pains, it is not difficult to see a lot of people grappling with ‘Trust Issues’. Who can […]